Darja Miroshko | UX Designer

bik.med - Kursportal für Fort- und Weiterbildungen in der Unfallchirurgie

Jan 2017
Alle Rechte: Aksis Werbe- und Internetagentur | aksis.de


German Society of Trauma Surgery provides a unique curricullum for further medical education in trauma surgery, as well as innovative formats of learning: interactive videos and quizes.


The redesigned portal should provide surgeons, clinicians, personal and clinical managers with a clear navigation, a comprehensive overview of curricula, provide a convinient booking experience, as well as deliver relevant medical news.

My Role

  • Interviewing stakeholders, preparing and conducting workshops and collaborative sessions

  • Developing Information Architecture and User Flows

  • Creating low and high fidelity prototypes for testing

  • Developing guidelines and creating a web Styleguide for implementation with Bootstrap and Typo3